Rain, reminder of the blessing of shelter

Its a grey rainy day today, but we are in a warm dry house. Its amazing really every time I take a second to think about what we have. We are SO very blessed and wealthy here in Canada.

Once I think about that, then my thoughts turn to whether we really should be able to afford a big house like this. 100 years ago, you probably built the house yourself and whatever you put into it was paid for with one of your cows or your blood sweat and tears. Now we just go to a bank and ask for $150k and promise that will give them bits of money over the next 35 years. I’m not sure that really benefits any of us? Hard to say, I mean we wouldn’t have an amazing house without the bank basically renting it to us but we wouldn’t have debt either, at least no where near as much as we have now.

I downloaded Mint, an IOS app, and it gives you bank totals so you can see what you owe, budgets and such. Basically, if you look at the overall, loans etc included, we are effectively $150,000 in the hole -_- … Thats a sobering number to see.

I suppose I could rant on as to whether its all worth it and these days thats sorta the expected route of people as they marry, have kids, ‘everybody does it’. It all just makes me wonder if there is a better way, but we are all too greedy, we have to have a big house. Its not cool to be out of debt in a shack, its all but expected that we’ll have a mountain of debt as long as we have a house with 1.5 baths and 3 bedrooms.

Pondering a more simple life now…

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