Toilet Paper Alternative

This is, straight up, a rant. And will likely provide a good laugh 30 years from now when our kids are checking out my blog archives.

So every time I go to blow my nose, I reach for toilet paper. Everybody does right? Unless you’re rich and you buy kleenex or some other brand tissue paper all the time. My problem is that they don’t make tissue or toilet paper strong enough for men. I blow my nose and I invariable have some amount of stubble happening – what man doesn’t right?? And the paper / tissue disintegrates leaving tissue bits on my fast and particles floating in the air. Do they ever test this stuff on men? :/ It can be really frustrating when it comes apart mid ‘blow’ leaving you to crumple all the bits together and look for some alternative to clean up the mess :S

What I regularly turn to is paper towel, finally something thick enough and strong enough for a man! Its nice and large, doesn’t completely disintegrate, doesn’t leave bits of paper on your face and is at least something you generally have around the house for other functions.

Am I the only man in the world who has this problem? I don’t hear about it so I must be. Now, I realize Kleenex and other brands create stronger stuff marketed toward men, but really, why go out and buy something dedicated to that when its much more efficient to have a multi purpose product like paper towel right?

I kinda just wished toilet paper would man up and not self destruct on contact like it was mission impossible and I just found out my impossible mission. Oh the pain and anguish of it all.

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  1. Dwayne shares your pain. He too sometimes has paper bits in his stubble. It is tough to be a man…

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