Phone Roll, Technology Legacy

So here are all our cellphones, mine anyways. From oldest to newest. Its interesting to see the change or sometimes lack thereof.

  • Samsung on the clearnet network (now defunct as a cell company) – had this one during college while going to Sir Sandford Fleming in Peterborough
  • Next is a Kyocera SE47 ‘Slider’. I think this was on the Bell network – had this one in the NWT, so very shortly after college (when the cell tower was finally put in in Fort Smith)
  • Third is the Motorola Razr, on the Bell network – Lindsey and I had this in Georgetown. We used it while commuting to work or school
  • Finally, our Nokia, purchased late in Georgetown, its a pay as you go, 7-11 phone. Super cheap. Now in PEI, we still have a few bucks on it and keep a few bucks on it but we otherwise never use it. It just sits on a shelf

And if we’re including devices on cellular networks, my latest device that fits that category is my iPad 2, its a SIM based device on the bell network. But it too is only on a pay as you go plan.

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