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Normally I don’t write about specific people like this, at least not when Layton died, or Michael Jackson died. I figure its a subject though that I have enough opinion on to make a blog post (there aren’t too many things though that I don’t have opinions on though 😛 )

I think its the beginning of the end for Apple. Steve Jobs was a co-founder of apple with Wozniak (?) and I think another who started out making computers as a bit of a hobby. They founded apple, and Steve was subsequently released, or fired or something, after which the company started going downhill. After 10 years of that or so they brought him back to lead the company and he brought the company back to life and to one of the top few leading companies in the world in cellphone hardware, user base and general revenue. Thats the Coles notes history, thats basically how it went down… Go check out the wikipedia article on it for more precise detail.

Its enough to say that his ideas and philosophy were what made Apple great in hardware and software design and enabled them to become some what of a cult company and not a mainstream company almost ubiquitous across the world.

I think losing such a creative thinker and specifically a thinker like Steve is impossible to replace. You can get other creative thinkers for sure, but not with the authority and unified direction as Steve provided. Apple will start leading in slightly different creative directions now, and who is to say whether they will prosper. Steve in and of himself was part of the reason people bought Apple products. He was part of the brand. Now Apple will be basically a faceless corporation just like any other with a board of directors, a creative team collaborating on the ‘next big thing’. Does anything set them apart now? Will the quality of the products continue?

Hard to say… This was a comprehensive brand, it wasn’t just a company like Sony or something making electronics. I think the next year or 2 of new releases for ipod, ipad and such w ill tell the story. Will there be Steve Jobs type innovation, or just spec enhancements like every other company? Will the advertising change? And how much will stock plunge with this news and will the investors still think they are buying into more then just a business?

Lets see how iPad 4 does and where they’ve taken it…

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