Sunny Wednesday Morning

This morning started at 7am cause Fussy decided she’d better get up nice and early :S (Usually we all sleep till 8 or so). It was -1 celsius this morning, frost on the grass (the small amount we have out back due to the grading…). Cool enough in the house (18 degrees) to start a fire under the house and make it toasty. I decided as well to tape up the solar heater, it kept falling out of the window and I was too lazy to get it in there better but this morning I figured I’d better start making use of it since I have it and warm up the upstairs a bit.

This morning was also nice because I tried multigrain bread this morning. It was based on my 50/50 recipe that I often use for 50% whole wheat. There is probably a better recipe specific to multigrain flour. Regardless, it turned out great and tastes great too. Sweeter I think then just 50% whole wheat. I like the seed bits too. Much more natural that way, and likely even more healthy.

So the baking bread and the fresh ground coffee added up to a real nice aroma in the house. For a split second it reminded me of MBC. Not sure why. Maybe just the smell of food in the cafeteria.

I’m excited for tomorrow. A) Its supposed to be sunny and 20 degrees and B) Lindsey and I will be going on a seadoo trip for our anniversary (assuming the ‘doo floats with 2 people on board etc etc)

I bought 2 spanky new life jackets which just happen to be the same colours as the ‘doo. Yellow and Blue. They were also the cheapest I could find. Nothing like putting a price (a cheap price) on our safety and well being eh 😉 . They are DOT certified and all. So now we can ride and match. Just need a colour coordinated lanyard now. I’m hoping it will be a LOT warmer when we’re out there then it is this morning! Yowza.

Well, I’d better get to doing something more productive then giving people something to read in the morning with their coffees.

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