I love living in this world, we are so amazingly blessed. As I look at my life, there isn’t really anything that I’ve wanted that I haven’t gotten. And its not because we’re rich or lucky. I think most of its Gods blessing. However, I don’t think God blessed me with a dirt bike or a seadoo. I think God blessed me with good parents that sent me to school so I could get a job and enjoy the fruits of my labour. See I think God blesses us abundantly with the things we need, I’m not so sure he just gives us toys and luxuries. He blesses us with ability to make things happen and its up to us what we do with those fundamental blessings.

Everyone is a bit different and for me, I enjoy big toys. Electronics, or motorcycles or lawn tractors. I have fun fixing them up, riding them, using them to get work done around the house (if they are that sort of toy, like the lawn tractor which I use a LOT for hauling firewood, mowing the lawn, plowing the drive in the winter and grading in the summer).

My latest toy is my seadoo which I picked up for relatively cheap ($300, that is way cheap for seadoos if you look online anywhere). God blessed me with a dad that showed me how to fix engines and helped give me the confidence to get into such projects, to read manuals when I didn’t know how things worked and gave me rules of thumb and little tricks along the way. With those blessings growing up, I was able to search for and get a basket case seadoo and get it fixed up and now we have a fully functioning seadoo.

God blesses definitely but in ways I think we don’t often realize or acknowledge. God doesn’t care that I have a seadoo, but He does enjoy it when I’m enjoying the fruits of my labour, when I’m working hard and enjoying my life whilst honouring Him. And yes, I think we do honour Him with handwork and even during play times by showing Christ like attitudes, patiences, love and all.

Another part of blessings is that God expects us to bless others just as we have been blessed. We now have opportunity to take almost a tithe of that blessing and bless others with it. The idea of a tithe is something that can be transferred to pretty much anything in your life. Taking a portion out of whatever it is to give to others or to God. Honouring God also means enabling others to have fun, maybe kids who haven’t had the opportunity, or to just enable others who have different sorts of blessings to enjoy this one.

Its probably not 100% intuitive to see that as honouring God and passing on the blessing but I really believe that God wants us to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy the fruits of our labour, to enjoy and use this world, creation.

Having said all this, once the ‘boy’ has his ‘toy’, its hard for him to let others play with it and potentially break it. Luckily for me, its not a new seadoo so it will be a bit easier to just let it be used but its still a struggle to freely offer it knowing it may not come back in one piece. Thats my goal though for next summer, to provide opportunities for others that they may not otherwise have and I think the seadoo is a good place to start!

I’m pretty sure I can find takers as well 🙂 Heres to ‘sharing the blessings’ even when it might be hard to do it

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2 thoughts on “Boys Toys

  1. Great word Micah! We really, really miss you guys but it sounds like you are enjoying life and of course Arden,God’s gift to you both. I hope we get to see her before she turns 16. 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you both. Love you guys!
    David & Wende

  2. The LORD IS blessing you and WILL bless you Mic! I admire your attitude of sharing. The LORD will also bless (the word comes from the French “blesser” – to wound) you in ways that may not be enjoyable – that too is part of our walk with Christ.

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