Bread Making

If you google ‘does bread making save money’, you’ll see a large large variety of opinions and websites, from yahoo answers, the commercial recipe websites (just see top few result links in google). Some go so far as to calculate out all the cost of ingredients, the gas it costs to go to the grocery store, the electricity involved in baking the loaf should you make it etc. It all sums up from what I see to be marginally cheaper then buying loafs.

So what is the advantage if you’re not saving a bundle? There are a few.

First, you get fresh bread as often as you want it. Thats harder to get regularly.
Second, the bread has no preservatives and you can pronounce every ingredient in it
Third, you never run out because you can always bake a new loaf
Fourth, having ingredients on hand for bread making means that you likely have a decent supply of emergency type ingredients should a hurricane role through.

Ok, so the fourth isn’t going to be a deciding factor. The biggest benefit by far is your health. It will save you (Canadians) thousands in healthcare costs down the road if you eat healthy fresh, no chemical breads. You get only good natural ingredients.

Another plus is the smell in the house in the morning when the bread is baking. I use a bread maker, a horizontal one. Its also great for impressing visitors with fresh hot bread at the table for supper. Who can resist fresh baked bread?

And with the use of a bread maker, there is no kneading, spending lots of time taking it out of the fridge and tending to it etc like there is when you manually bake bread. Sure you can do it that way if you want but who has time to keep that up these days. Either way the bread is fresh and healthy. With the bread maker its somewhat a more sustainable lifestyle though I think. You plunk in all the ingredients set the timer, and when you wake up there is a loaf of bread just finishing baking. Can beat that.

I recommend it to everyone, especially those interested in being self sufficient, and green. What better way to get back to the land then to bake your own bread right?

So does it save money, it all depends on what kind of bread you make, what ingredients and if you buy said ingredients in bulk. We make basic 50/50 whole wheat bread mostly and our bags of flour are the biggest we can find in stores so as to get the best value per cup.

The advantages are well beyond and more important than price though. I think all people should consider it! btw, you can also make doughs with it, which means you can make your own bagels, croissants, cheese breads, buns etc. It does a lot more then just make a loaf of bread!

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