The day the week went by

Its been a busy week, not just at work but at home to as Lindsey is out and about with church work and such. The days fly by when you work all day, work over the lunch hour, then off and out of the house for the night somewhere.

Went by so quick the weekend is already here. Arden is growing up just as quickly and I enjoy being able to see it rather then being out at work all the time. I get to see the small changes and the big changes. Lindsey pulled out the camera again and took some videos. I always think I should take more, but then I think, oh, we’ll do it tomorrow so I’m glad shes on that one!

Tonight after our fussy went to bed, I got the ‘new’ Seadoo starter put in engine (and tested this time!). Its a second hand one off ebay. Hoping that is the last piece I need. So many times I’ve looked at it and thought to myself, its too much work, just stop now… Funny, cause I have a habit of quitting something when I think its too big of a job. I don’t like tedious and I like to see the end of a job, something ideally that I can get completed to some level of satisfaction in say a day or two. So far I’ve spent a few hundred bucks and a good number of hours on the Seadoo. Hoping I can get the engine started tomorrow, that would be amazing to see if this whole thing is actually going to work.

We’re enjoying some nice day time temperatures and sunshine this september, last september was pretty nice too.

Prophetically this september is large too. Palestinians are going to the UN for a state. Iran now has a fully functioning nuclear reactor (which Israel said would never occur), Turkey is turning against Israel and promising to send warships to the mediterranean to act against Israel warships. The global economy is on the brink of collapsing again, it all adds up to the fact that things could change what everyday life is for all of us and may usher in some of the end times things written of in the bible. Syria or Iran would be the next ones to watch, look out for current events related to them!

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