Mangled Gear

This is the story of a mangled gear. Gear meets engine, gear falls in love with engine, engine treats gear bad, engine beats up gear. Thats not really a boy meets girl story is it…

So I got the timing gear out with lots of humming and hawing about how to do it, I used 2 screwdrivers and levered it out which worked a bit, then I used a pry bar.

Once out, I got the new one on and got the bottom end all back together with some high temp gasket stuff to seal it. Since for two strokes the bottom end is used to mix and pressurize the mixture, the seals need to be 100% I can’t say that the rubber seals are in it but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have enough compression in there to get it going.

Next step, figure out the rotary valve timing, once on, I can put the rest of it together and then set it back in the hull to connect up the exhaust, cooling hoses, throttle, etc. Maybe this weekend I’ll have it ready to test??! That would be awesome! Really want to be able to try it out this summer. I’m conflicted as to whether I should get it going and sell it quick just in case something else blows on it or keep it now that its ‘rebuilt’. Certainly something else will give out on it and it has less, much less life in it then a new model. So I’m thinking get a little money for it, and invest in one that is much newer.

Any thoughts? I really don’t like the style or size of the newer seadoos which makes me hesitate :/ Ohwell, we shall see how it goes.

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