Sorry to all who had been trying to get to my website and were running helpful browsers like Chrome. The past week or so I was aware of issues connecting to my site but I didn’t think too much of it, just some over zealous Microsoft scanning or realtime virus checking tool that saw an off server image link or something.

As I heard more and more people having trouble I figured I’d better go have a look. Sure enough,  I was running a WordPress tool call TimThumb which came with the theme I happened to be using at the time. It contained a vulnerability, security hole allowing write access to my WP directory 😐 … bad. Anyways, no huge damage done that I know of.

I used to scan the site and at first it found it but I was able to nab the little malevolent script and get it cleaned up.

Here is a website detailing the particular vulnerability and where to clean it up.


There were files to clean up in a few different directories :/ Brutal…  Always make sure your WP is up to day and stay tuned to warnings about vulnerabilities to be sure your systems are patched and locked down.

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