Where has the sun gone?

Its been a rainy few months here. Confirmed by news articles and locals. The sun is out this morning here and there between the clouds.

Speaking of clouds, when we picked up our free pump organ from Alberton (northwest shore) it was raining almost cats and dogs. A big rain storm blew through. Luckily my trailer is covered (though leaking slightly). See the pump organ in the image. This organ a W Bell & Co. organ manufactured in Guelph, Ontario. Whats the story on it? Well the people we got it from bought a storage container and this was in it. They already had another one so this was superfluous. So they posted it free on usedpei.com (love this site!). This organ if we were to sell it is likely worth at least $100. We’ll probably keep it though just because its one of those things that can only increase in value. Plus it will be an antique we can pass on. Oh, and it works too! Needs some wood oil or whatever to polish up the wood and preserve it, and likely needs to be opened up, dusted and oiled in there as well.

As for the sun, I don’t mind actually that its been a bit rainier then normal. WHen the sun comes out you appreciate it, and around here its been a nice mix of sunny and rainy. It helps the grass grow and keeps the Island green. Doesn’t really help the tourism industry though… oh well. I’m sure next year will be hotter and drier then normal and tourism will be booming but farmers will be crying for rain :/ God can’t win for losing (course, He doesn’t directly control it, He set it up, wound it up and now its running on its own, though slowly winding down) 😛 We always have something to complain about. I think if we step back for a sec, think of the wonder of nature as it is, with all the changing conditions, and their purposes and how they help and in fact are required for this particular climate zone and ecosystem, we would really start appreciating the natural cycle.

That was a bit of a rant, suffice to say, its still a nice day regardless of wind or rain.

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