Why we don’t need God anymore

– We don’t need God because we are an ‘advanced civilization’ now
– We don’t need God cause we have enough really smart people
– We don’t need God because we can legislate and teach tolerance for all people and religions
– We don’t need God because we have figured out how to get the world created without Him

What a joke I think for people to think we have ‘progressed’ beyond the ‘need’ for a God. A) we haven’t progressed anywhere and B) its not that we need a God, its that there IS a God whether we like it or not and we need to decide whether we’re going to be on His side or not.

Israel, of all countries just decided not to include God in a memorial prayer. Its little things like these that start the slide. We in Canada removed God from a lot of our schools, took prayers out, removed references and plaques. We’ve done nothing but distance ourselves from what is seen as an old fashioned custom, a deity that has no place or purpose in our modern lives.

We as a people have rationalized away every purpose for God, as if we’ve figured out how to replace Him and do everything ourselves. We think we can solve world hunger with technology, cure disease with the latest and greatest research, prevent wars with legislated tolerance and generally work things out ourselves.

This isn’t new, all through the bible Israel and other nations have known God and decided they didn’t need Him anymore. And He says ‘fine, I”ll let you do it your way’. And He steps back and watches us mess everything up, so much so that we come to a point where we have nothing left to do but repent and turn back to Him.

On another topic:
A great little vid on why the rapture, and a PRE tribulation rapture matters.

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5 thoughts on “Why we don’t need God anymore

  1. Things now in days are changeing so fast that no one can grab a hold of it and stop it. Not even the churches can try to stop it. The movies that have been comig out like the DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons allow the public to see the truth behind the roman church and how it hinds so much of the truth about the bible from the public. They want it to be so PERFECT that even things that the movies mentioned like how jesus might of been married can change the persons perspective of Jesus and doubt what other things they may have been lied to about. I think that God specifically brings confort to people who believe in it. It brings a peace of mind and relaxes you and allows you to have faith in someone that wont hurt or talk or judge you but instead listen care and shower graces on you. i personally believe that there is someone out there listening and i do believe its God because ive had miracles happen. but i think that a little blessing wont hurt anyone besides the reason of such punishments we face are due to the fact that Adam and Eve broke the only law God gave them. and now in days we brake MILLIONS of laws a day.

  2. Canada most recently made the biggest mistake ever made in electing a Prime Minister based on his vision of a Godless Canada and a stand in favor of killing our unborn children, (abortion) the legal selling of drugs, the legalized murder of old people, known as assisted suicide, the promoting of homosexuality over real unions as established by God almighty at creation, one man and one woman. History has proven that when the morals of a nation fall, the country soon falls. Canada is in trouble unless the people turn to God in repentance and admit their wrongs. If Canada will return to God, he will heal our land and our people will remain free.

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