The Ritual

Its an overcast cool day today which makes for a solemn morning. Coffee has been brewed and the fresh baked bread is cooling. I’m on my iPad – yes after months of use this thing is my daily device. My macbook rarely is opened now, only for photos or ‘real’ website work. But I digress, this isn’t an iPad review blog.. Usually I sit down with my coffee and check out flipboard for the latest Facebook and twitter updates, it also highlights new blogs and CBC and CNN news. So quickly we can gather news from around the world and now that we have it all, i’m not sure we really read the news, we just read the headlines or the status updates or 140 character tweets… But I digress again, this isn’t a ‘use of technology’ rant :/ .

After surfing for a bit and staring outside, its time for fussy to wake up, and I just heard her. Soon she’ll be down for breakfast. I sit at our octagonal table (sans glass) with my feet up and peruse all things iPad and usually on a warm day, I’ll sit on the porch on the swing chair.

In there somewhere I’ll read my daily bible chapter and email off my thoughts on it.

Its all pretty basic, something I’m used to, a way I wake up. Its a comforting time, a staple, something familiar that allows one to take it easy no matter the situation. In the quiet of the morning, hardly any cars going by, is when you can really think about the day.

Fussy is now down eating her morning half banana, and now her toast, all cut up, no crust with butter and jam.

And so the morning continues…

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