Got some things done today. Why do I post a blog about these mundane things…. oh, because often I find blogs about mundane things are often interesting. Its a peek into others lives, so you can see if they are normal or not…

  • Got firewood cut and split, and fire started
  • Swept chimney
  • Cut lawn – love my lawn tractor, have I said that before??
  • Even had a fresh loaf of bread ready for this morning – though it turned out to be a brick :/ Story to come..
  • SO many more jobs and things to get done. Really hoping more visitors will mean more help for some of our projects 😉

Last night we drove ALL the way, or most of the way to Tignish. More precisely, Miminegash out west. Got ourselves a pancake griddle and a horizontal bread maker. The bread maker was for me 😉 . So I got it all setup and time last night for a nice fresh loaf this morning. Problem: We had 2 jars of yeast, one traditional one, it was expired for 8 months or so, and one fast rising yeast, its expiry was past 7 months ago. I used the latter. Didn’t really work, what we got was a big heavy brick of a loaf :S . So, today while in town I’m going to get a new jar of yeast and try that.

Truth be known, I did a lot of bread maker baking before. I started out making bread from scratch, thats pretty easy actually, just takes time throughout the day to knead it and let it rest and knead it again etc. The bread maker takes all the effort out of it and thats a good thing. You get the same fresh bread just by plunking ingredients into the machine and clicking GO. 3 hours later you have home baked fresh bread!

Now before we had a vertical one, that was the style that first came out. It made good bread but was otherwise useless… Why? Well the ‘bottom of part of the bread was basically the whole thing, the bulk of it was in the vertical pan, so you’d get a tiny head to it and all pan crust otherwise, and it certainly didn’t slice like regular loafs nicely. It was a vertical loaf of bread! The image above is of a vertical loaf. You can see, not the traditional shape of a loaf. I always wanted a horizontal one but they were always expensive. That is,… until I decided to check on! The one I just got was $35. Can’t beat that! Its a good one too, apparently the original price for it was $170.

btw, check out the ‘free’ tab on usedpei and other sites like that, there is actually some good big items available if you’re willing to pick them up! On the used side of things, I think for many things in this world, you get more value out of good used items then you do paying the premium for new stuff. This bread maker is basically like new and we paid,… 5% of the original cost or whatever it comes out to. Same goes for cars, couches, bed frames, all manner of household goods really. My lawn tractor? Got it for $100, it wouldn’t start, and the owner basically wanted an excuse to get a new one, I think I talked him down from $150 for it :P. Got it home and it was a battery connection issue, jiggled the wires and away it went. Sure, you often need to do a bit of cleanup, sharpening, tweaking of used items but hey, still beats paying full price!

The other nice thing about second hand stuff is that you can satisfy the urge to spend money and get ‘new’ stuff AND you don’t spend your life savings doing it. You get your cake and you can eat it too.. (what is the meaning of that anyways,… makes no sense).

Soon we’ll be heading out to a volunteer appreciation BBQ put on by the pastors of Calvary Charlottetown – one AKA my wife. Since we’re poor right now, free food is a blessing.

And that gets me onto another train of thought, we take things every single day for granted, when really, they are all blessings showered down to us from a loving God. We have so much, SO much, I can’t even fathom it all, I can’t make a list of all thing things we have and are blessed with, cause there is always one more thing, or 10 that we can be thankful for.

As a note to myself when I’m 80, with aches and pains, sickness and troubles, just remember the time you were sitting in the dining room on a lazy saturday morning writing a blog counting,… at least thinking about your blessings. How easy life was then.

Something to send to the time capsule for sure.

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  1. Hey Micah, your blog reminds me of Andrew, the graphic designer’s blog up North. haha

  2. Hi Micah!
    Can you tell me what make and model your bread maker is? I’d like to look for one on ebay. 🙂

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