Wii and Me

The good news is that our Wii started working again. I literally tore it all apart hoping to find something visibly wrong with it, to no avail. That was 3 weeks ago, or more. Last night I decided to ‘toodle’ with it again to see what more I could do so I plugged it all in and put it all back together as best as I could (I busted a lot of the metal latches / components and plastic covers trying to open it without the special torx set needed for the ‘user non maintainable screws’. Popped the game disc in and to my surprise and a little extra noise, it started working again! Must have been something obscuring the laser is all I can figure and whatever I did, dislodged it. Nothing else was wrong that I could tell, motor whirred away, disc spun up, just wouldn’t read. Even the laser at the time was tracking back and forth fine, just not reading.

I’m pumped because we just got new games at Christmas and it wasn’t long after that the Wii decided to stop working. Its an original 2005 or 2006 first gen Wii unit purchased at launch, so its getting old for sure! Gotta hand it to Nintendo for making quality hardware that keeps working even after people tear the unit apart!

I now have a console that will need to last at least until the WiiU comes out.

in other news, there are more fishermen out on the river this morning. Always someone there, looking over the side of the bridge or casting a line out. People love their fishing around here! Its still a grey day but we’re hoping to get some things around the house done, on the list is to fix a lamp post, paint the other spare room upstairs.

Oh how it will be nice for truly warm weather, regardless of whether the sun is out of not. Its still a tad cool right now when the sun is not out, wasn’t this supposed to be a warmer summer then usual? Come on global warming! 😛


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  1. I’m afraid we’re hogging the global warming up here Micah. It was +27 today. It’s been roasty for quite some time. The poplar leaves are actually turning yellow and crispy because it’s been so hot and dry. Wanna trade for a week or two? 😉

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