Quantum Mechanics and God

Was watching a TED talk about quantum mechanics, incredible stuff! The speaker takes what scientists seen in particles behaving, and says, well if particles act that way on their own, why don’t big human made objects that are made of billions of these particles?

See TED talk here:
Aaron O’Connell: Making sense of a visible quantum object

What I think is fascinating is that he is describing objects via quantum mechanics that are aware of their surroundings and act a certain way depending on their surrounds, as if they were told to act a particular way.. Its fascinating because God created all these and likely did tell them to act a certain way when they were part of the created world.

I can imagine God saying – “stay in one place and appear to be stationary and solid when you’re on the earth”. Through quantum mechanics, you can see that all the bits of us are so much more then just dust, particles, inanimate objects, every part of our being is connected and part of a larger multidimensional universe, Gods domain, where things like time travel, being in two places at once and such are not even questioned. Jesus in the bible while on earth walked through walls, was He simply breaking the rules and acting out quantum mechanics while on earth?

If God instructed, could all particles begin to exhibit that exceptional behaviour, and infect could we humans control it, use it? This world is a lot more complex then we realize and God deliberately ‘dumbed it down’ so that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed, He put particular laws in place so that particles would act in a certain way for us in this 3D world. THere is a purpose as to why He doesn’t allow us to perceive the 10 dimensions – or how ever many they figure there are right now.

Its amazing though as science discovers these things, they just help explain the spiritual realm, they answer questions as to how Jesus walked through walls in the bible, they help us understand that there can be dimensions very close and even right beside us that we do not perceive because we are not equipped to experience them.

The awe in my head is just huge right now considering the implications of quantum mechanics and how it makes the spiritual realms plausible, heaven and hell plausible scientifically, and even how it explains how we are all made from almost magical ‘stuff’ yet we don’t immediately understand it.

It also makes me think of all of creation. That it was made FOR God, and it obeys God (particles behaving as instructed in the presence of natural things like light, air, heat, anything that would tell them that they were on the earth).

I can’t even begin to think how evolutionists would explain away these amazing things, that it all came from nothing and zero intelligence :S I’ll have to investigate that next and see what they say.

I see nothing but God in all of this stuff, its amazing!

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2 thoughts on “Quantum Mechanics and God

  1. (NLT) John 20:26 Eight days later the disciples were together again, and this time Thomas was with them. The doors were locked; but suddenly, as before, Jesus was standing among them. “Peace be with you,” he said.

    Maybe he didn’t walk through a wall but at min he materialized from nothing. Walking through a wall seems to be something we can imagine better. Either way he is breaking the rules of ‘classical’ physics, but this isn’t outside of quantum mechanics

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