The evolution / creation debate

The evolution / creation debate is a hard fought debate, with tens of thousands, maybe millions of man hours of research on both sides. Most of it by well meaning, generally honest people. People on either side aren’t attempting to manufacture evidence, or produce a hoax. People on both sides are defining and explaining the world they see around them based on a particular world view that has some assumptions involved.

Evolution just like christianity, has some assumptions from which they are driven. Evolution assumes that man, creature, the world evolved into being by random chance processes, and a LOT of time.

Creation assumes that the bible is the inspired word of God, that it tells us straight up how the earth was created, divinely, miraculously by God and Christians, as I, will suggest and provide lots of evidence to prove, through science, that the bible is accurate where it speaks of things of this world and of the earth and natural processes.

This isn’t a debate in itself though, this blog I mean. Rather I have some new found opinions on what the whole debate is worth.

After a long debate back and forth with friends on Facebook, I’ve come to realize a few things

1) This debate won’t convert many either way – no matter which side you are on, if you’re arguing for one or the other, it means you have a decent amount of knowledge on the subject, or are willing to gather and research that knowledge. It means that you’re likely pretty serious about whatever side you are on and since neither side can provide empirical proof (that man evolved period, or that God exists period – these are the two base ideas), this debate is unlikely to sway either side to the other side. THis is because indoctrination comes in, worldview questions exist, upbringing plays a part etc.
2) This debate will never end – As humans gather more information, each side uses it, and interprets it in such a way as to agree with their worldview and their assumptions, so no matter how obvious the evidence on one side, the other side does simply not interpret said evidence as evidence for the opposite point of view
3) This debate after sorties are conducted on either side narrow down to basic belief in the bible, for or against – the end of the discussion here always comes down to the bible, is God a good god or a mean one? Why does this and that happen in the bible, basically questions from those who have never believed in God or given up on Him. Most of their angst and thrust comes from sore and sour points as they perceive it in the bible about the person of God, HIs character, why suffering happens, why if He loves us and is loving does he allow this and that.

What I think debates are good for is starting the discussion. Illuminating those who don’t know the bible or don’t believe in God, providing evidence, whether accepted or not that they can take away from the discussion and think about – even if on the surface they flatly deny or suggest the information is rubbish.

Debates also prove to evolutionists, atheists and all the variation of non bible believe people that we DO have a lot of intelligent people scouring the evidence, support the bible scientifically and generally proving we don’t have a blind faith. It lets them know we are ready and willing to stand up for the bible and indeed provide proofs of its validity, historical accuracy and inspired nature.

Creation is fully provable, its undeniable if you look at the evidence, scientifically (whether a majority of scientists argue otherwise) the bible is accurate and proves itself to be ultimately accurate as man through science gains more understanding of natural processes and the universe in which we live.

Debates also serve to strengthen the faith of potential fence sitters, people who maybe are trying to reconcile evolution to the bible and are finding that the more they try to believe in evolution, the less of the bible they can trust, and therefore the less of God or A god they can trust.

It strengthens faith, provides wonder and joy as we (christians) learn that the bible is scientifically accurate and proves that christians can be fully involved in the debate, through science even and not just theistically or theoretically. Faith in Jesus is not just a fairytale that is unproven and cannot be searched out for truth. It indeed can, but the extent to which proof is found always leads back to the final proof of a creator God which is a less tangible item that man and men need to grasp and know. This will not be completed until the Lord returns.

Even while it seems obvious that the bible is backed up, and can be proven, in fact science is only just catching up to the truth in the bible, man will continue to provide excuses as to why they don’t believe it, why man is somehow smarter then a god even if a god did exist. Mans pride lets him down every time.

To sum up, the debate is a great one, and needs to be had, often though with most people, there are many larger questions that exist behind the layers of atheism and the perceived issues they have with creation. It always comes down to a worldview, and the state of mans heart, what is he looking for? Does he even want a god to exist?

Most often, those arguing against the bible and creation do not want God to exist and thats something that is more difficult to grapple with.

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