Have you heard? Wii2 is coming out in 2012, with a preview at E3:

** Nintendo announces Wii 2 console **
Nintendo has announced it will launch a new version of its Wii games console as sales of the original machine decline.
< http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-13186597 >

Its been a LONG time since the Wii came out and revolutionized gaming – and by revolutionize, I mean in the way of motion controls. Notice how Sony and Microsoft first said motion controls were stupid and both ended up copying Nintendo :S

I haven’t seen a lot of specific news yet but I’m excited for a few reasons:

  • Hoping for Wii HD. Even though I don’t have an HD set, many many people do already so it has to be 1080p HD I think
  • My Wii broke, doesn’t play the game discs any more (DVDs). I’m hoping for backwards compatibility which should be an obvious addition to play my current library.
  • 3rd, its simply been a long time since the launch of a console…

I’ll be saving up my pennies for this one I think. Can’t wait to see what Nintendo does next as I’m sure they won’t just bring out WiiHD. There will be some new feature, gameplay, or spec that takes the whole gaming scene to the next level.

Love the days in expectation of a new console. Let the rumours begin!

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