Iron Dome

Have you heard about Iron Dome? If not, you must have not been following Israel at all.

[box type=”info”]Iron Dome (Hebrew: כיפת ברזל‎) is a mobile air defense system in development by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems designed to intercept short-range rockets and artillery shells. The system was created as a defensive countermeasure to the rocket threat against Israel’s civilian population on its northern and southern border, and was declared operational and initially deployed in the first quarter of 2011.[1] It is designed to intercept very short-range threats up to 70 kilometers in all-weather situations.[2][/box]

Its quite a technological feat, and something that I figured should have already been created before. I guess no state or country in the past has had to deal with prolonged (over years and years) firing of old fashioned low tech rockets like is Israels predicament with the Palestinians, Hamas, Fatah, etc…

On the one hand, it makes me thing, man, the Israeli people are SO smart, blessed with intelligence from God (if you don’t believe their blessed, go see how many Nobel Peace prize recipients are jewish, a good percentage of them!) God blesses Israel even now with relative safety, success on the battle fields (6 day war) and lots of wealth (google all the oil and gas they are finding of late! Not to mention the export of their produce which in the land where deserts surround them otherwise produce vast amounts of food that they selll to the rest of the world).

God is definitely there with them however He doesn’t win the battle for them once and for all. Why? Because they don’t currently believe in Jesus as messiah, they still hold to their old rituals and religion. And so, the surrounding nations still nag on them, looking to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ (that statement by the Iranian president). God allows this persecution in the hope that one day Israel will come back, recognize Jesus as Lord and ask Him to come save them – and at this time, as soon as their hearts turn toward Him, He will save them. However, according to the bible, times will get very  bad for them before they get to that turning point!

One thing about Iron Dome, in all its wizardry, is that it again is mans attempt to solve a problem. I really believe that if they came back to God, recognized Jesus, that He would take care of all this and they wouldn’t need any weapons, just like in days of old in the bible, God would wipe out the enemy without a single arrow flung, or sword swung.

Until that time however, Israel is doing all it can with human ability, which granted for them is both a lot, and blessed by God to an extent.

I’m pretty interested in the technology though, Iron Dome is now live as of today in the south of Israel so I’m interested to see just how well it works. Does it cause Israel to say ‘peace and safety’? To put unwarranted faith in the things of man? Who knows, interesting to watch and think about though!

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