So. I went to the gym today

they have a new training regiment, it’s not called insanity or craziness or black death or some other hip name. Nope, its called life. i walked outside, did 5 reps of heavy lifting intermingled with a swinging axe exercise (this helps to free the frozen firewood) followed by 5 reps of pushing a wheelbarrow about 50 feet each way. did I mention the hand tossing of the wood into the house and then the stacking of the wood again downstairs?

Oh, and the first year is a free on this plan too, and you can renew it yearly if you wish.

Forget gyms, don’t you have enough work around the house you could be doing? I do, come over if you need some. I won’t even charge you!

This wood is so wet though… You wouldn’t believe. So to dry it out I stoked up the fire and directed a vent pipe straight at the pile. That should dry it out quick! (don’t know why i didnt think of it earlier….)

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2 thoughts on “So. I went to the gym today

  1. I think you’d find that most people really don’t have enough sustained hard work to do at their home. Renovations only come around once in a while and they might get a contractor to do it. And few people have firewood heating. And, I think a lot of people have a long commute, like me, to and from work. Gives precious little time to do much of anything. I’m glad to have a treadmill where the wind-up and wind-down time is pretty small so it’s not too painful to get it in. Even so, it’s a half our out of your evening. I can see why most people don’t have any exercise regimen at all.

  2. Dwayne is joining you at a distance from the gym here – haha! We only have about a day or two’s worth of firewood left in the shelters so he’s out cutting some firewood in the yard.

    I get my workout carrying all of the loads of laundry around and taking the clean stuff back up the stairs. Then there’s the endurance training of packing around a newborn for hours at a time. 😉

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