Winter wood

Well, we’ve just about made it through 1 whole winter with the wood we purchases. Ok, we did buy one more cord of dry wood. It was my first time ever burning wood let alone depending on it for a full winter season which included cutting it, piling, hauling it into the house. The amount of time that must have took me all totalled up must be amazing compared to how much time I spend on house heating before (which was basically zero 😉 )

Its been GREAT exercise and a great learning experience. Right now what is left of my wood is covered in snow (thank the Lord with warmer temps its melting away). And the wood that is left also had zero time to dry so its totally wet.

To make up for it being so wet, I just stack it up nice and high in the furnace 😛 The stuff at the top gets baked for a while until its dry enough to burn at which point its migrated itself down to the bottom and I load up more on the top to cook. I almost can’t imagine what it would be like to be burning really truly dry wood. A lot less hassle and more efficient I’m thinking!

Plans for this year?

  1. Get my wood cut up early
  2. Have a splitter ready to go before stacking wood
  3. Build a shelter at the back so the split wood has a chance to dry out somewhat
  4. Get some kinda old snowblower so I can blow a path to my window for ease of use
  5. if 4 doesn’t happen, purchase a utility sled so I can slide wood along the ground in some decently efficient manner

This year I had to buy a cheap little kids sled to drag 2,3 or 4 pieces at a time and even then it would tip over, slide all about, and generally be a very inefficient means of transport.

Can’t wait to do this ‘right’ for next year. Yahoo!

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