The Nintendo of the 2000s

Every generation there is a company that does SO well at marketing, no matter the product, they become the big one in their market, and maybe, if they are really good, big in multiple markets.

Nintendo for one kept remaking video games, from the NES to the failed virtual boy, to the ubiquitous Wii. Nintendo kept dreaming and making products that were both really good quality and that were able to interest a wide audience. They created a must have product through design and marketing both. Just because a product is technically more powerful or has some other advantage, doesn’t mean its going to be the one that acquires mass appeal.

Here comes Apple who started with a music player that was to take over the Sony Walkman ruled market. Through slick marketing, high end products and likely good timing in the market with what they were bringing to it. They not only rule the portable music market but they are slowly taking over  the video game market too. With highly capable devices playing games that are just as good as any handheld gaming system, Apple now has an ‘all in one’ product that actually fills that role in an adequate manner, in fact more then adequate for most. Nintendo, who ONLY make video game systems is having a hard time competing.

Say I have $300 to buy a music player and a video game system. Likely I’ll go for one unit that does both well (and Apple products do both and more VERY well) rather then purchasing a dedicated system – especially when the games I’m looking for are multi-platform.

So Apple comes along with the iPad. Its OS started life as a music player, it grew quickly into an light application operating system, and is now (with the iPad) a fully capable workhorse even for the business minded. So they really took over what were 3 completely separate markets:  Video gaming device, portable and console, the music market with which they started, and third being the PC market. Yep, the iPad can *almost* be considered a capable personal computer.  Theres an App for that as they say. You can balance your budget, post to facebook, remote control computers at work via VPN, video conference, access medical data. There isn’t much you can’t do with it which means, and has been proven that people looking for a PC are starting to look seriously at the iPad.

Hey, if all you do is look at photos, surf, email, chat, listen to music, those are all ‘out of the box’ functions of the ipad. On top, you can do some pretty serious gaming on it, host skype calls with family members, do keynote presentations and compose documents. Really, there is very little it doesn’t do.

So Apple has totally sold me on the iPad as you can see and its for good reason. They make top quality products (the likes of which a Sony or Nintendo make / made). They make a product that replaces at least 3 others, probably 4 if you consider a video camera / still photo camera half decently. Oh, it replaces a GPS pretty well too. Honestly, the only thing it can’t do is brew a cup of coffee, but it makes up for it with a Tim Hortons app which figures out the closest Tims location to you so you never have to brew your own!

Do you have an Apple product at home? I’m guessing you do, most do because they just work and they are good quality. So take that all you pseudo Apple haters (trolls as they call them in the forums). Apple has it, you want it, and that is all thanks to their product and their marketing to get the word out there.

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3 thoughts on “The Nintendo of the 2000s

  1. Just have an 80GB iPod classic I got used last year. I am far too poor for the other Apple products. It does the trick for me, as much as I’d like an iPhone. WOnt ever happen. I’ll admit the iPad is pretty dandy, but I wont find any merit in it myself.

    btw: I recently saw a 1st Gen iPOd, when they were insanely expensive.

    As for Nintendo of the 2000’s, EPIC! I vividly remember playing several classic games from Zelda to Paper Mario to GOldeneye. Heck! I still have my N64, it will accompany me to the new apartment in Kitchener

  2. Hey..ya, we love all the apple stuff!! We have Apple TV, iphone and ipod and love all of them..its great to have all the apps portable and ready to use whenever you have a spare moment. We also love our Nintendo though and still do have our N64 and gamecube!! Wii is the most played at our house with so many fun interactive (multiplayer games) it is very family friendly! On the list of things to get is an ipad and probably an new iphone for Dave (which means I get the old one!LOL)

  3. Nice our Wii seems to have died… I actually just got an iPad. So far its great. Definitely recommend one

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