The Great Melt

We’ve got lots of snow now. Can’t say we never get none now! Spent an hour or so plowing and shoveling and scooping (with the big snow scoop which is great for the end of the drive!)

The last few days have been relatively warm and with the bright shining sun, the snow is starting to melt. What was the first sign? Well, when the dehumidifier turned on downstairs of course. We have lousy grading round back of our house. With all the snow we’ve got, much of it near the house is simply going to drain into the basement unfortunately! :/

This means a big construction project for summer. I’ll need to pull down a bunch of the drywall inside to see where the leaks are – and they will be VERY mouldy (that would be the british spelling of it) I’m sure on the back side. I don’t even want to think about that right now :P.

After that I’ll need to rent a backhoe for a day or two and dig up all around that side and grade it, put down plastic and gravel and maybe some weeping tile tubes to give the water a place to go… Luckily my dads done the exact same thing already so I’ll be able to get some good practical advice. No less of a job though and it needs to be fixed if we’re ever going to drywall it downstairs – which it is now but probably shouldn’t have been.

Anyways, gotta get back to fathering duties.

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