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So as a follow up to last months write up, Jews are in the land again, Israel is a nation, Jerusalem is their capital. The big news of late is about the uprisings in the middle east, first Tunisia, then Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, and so on. All of the sudden as if out of nowhere people groups are rising up against their dictatorial leaders. What ironically once served to stabilize the middle east is now considered to be outdated rulership and oppression to the populace.

Now, we (westerners) always knew there was oppression, famine, corruption and all that jazz, but, as we rationalized, at least there is no genocide (that we hear about) in those countries (not enough to notice anyways) and the countries are fairly stable – status quo is upheld.

Now that the uprisings seem inevitable and destined to succeed after x number of protesters are killed, western governments are now cheering on the change of the  once propped up regimes (financially, militarily and otherwise supported).

What is the consequence though? Sure its likely to be in some sense a democratically elected government but also likely that government will be bent towards a religion which in most of these countries is some form of Islam (Example, the Muslim (?) brotherhood is likely to take power in Egypt). The end result of all this turmoil and the moving of these countries towards more and more religious based governments is that they will start to take obvious sides in the whole Israel / Middle East debate. Most of the middle eastern countries if not overt about it, dislike Israel, and many even loudly proclaim its illegitimacy in the middle east and that its the little satan (the US is the big satan).

Again, where does this lead, this leads to the war of Gog and Magog, the gathering of nations and hostility around and towards Israel which will prompt a great war in the middle east – which to date has only been simmering thanks to shaky peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan – said agreements will very likely soon fall.

Biblically speaking, the news in the middle east is HUGE stuff if you’re following bible prophecy and the prophetic events that need to occur before some of the great end times scenes described in the bible.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about it, to find Jesus in all of it, and to be sure you know your eternal destiny.

Watch the below vid for some great insights in terms of Egypt and whats happening from JD Farag- Calvary Chapel Kaneohe

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One thought on “Bible Prophecy – Where we’re at

  1. I *told* you the uprisings were big!

    I’m not certain, though, that a country moving towards democracy will be able to maintain its disdain towards Israel. I wonder if the average person cares about that kind of thing. I wonder if it was the leaders who fanned those flames.

    Ok, there was the average joe in Germany in WWII…but now we have the mass media. Can it happen again?

    I don’t know. I could be wrong but I hope not. It will, at the least, be more difficult for democratic nations to keep up anti-Israeli sentiment. I think the electorate, with new freedoms and possibilities, will be concentrating on those instead of worrying about other nations.

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