iPad Rumours – ‘Coming Soon’

With the official announcement just around the corner, ie next week, I’m so pumped to not have to browse the rumour mills anymore. They are really quite tiring. For example, back in January, there was a new rumour every day that it would be launching end of January, then start of February, then all the rumours about SD slots, USB connectors.

Then, even before any date for the iPad 2 launch, rumours started flying about iPad 3, and then suggestions that the upcoming ipad is really only iPad 1.5 and Apple really has different plans for the FULL ipad 2 release so that one will come out in September :S

Really? Which one should I get? Should I buy in now since the Canadian launch is still months off, or wait until september to see if iPad 3 comes out with the retina display?

Oh, its such a pain having to deal with all these rumours. Fascinating at first, then interesting, then provoking, then just tiring.

Now that the official iPad 2 is being shown March 2nd, I’ve decided I’m jumping on the bandwagon for number 2 and I won’t worry about rumours of version 3, or better specs coming out before the 2012 revision. This all doesn’t mean that i won’t look at rumours, I just won’t fret anymore about which one to buy. I need to jump right now if I really want one. If you wait for the next version, yoi’ll be waiting forever because there is always a next version ‘coming soon’

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