Have you heard of evolution sunday?

[box type=”info”]Evolution Sunday is a Sunday on which services are conducted in a number of Christian churches to celebrate Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The Sunday chosen is the closest Sunday to Darwin’s birthday, 12 February[/box]

Sounds super lame. I’m one of ‘those’ Christians that thinks that if you believe in evolution (macro), you’re really limiting God, and totally discounting the whole Genesis account of creation. I also believe that your whole faith structure is built on sand rather then the solid rock of the Word. For so many reasons, believing in evolution causes us to doubt God.


[box]Why does AiG contend for a literal view of Genesis? Many Christians interpret the creation account differently to accommodate the “scientific” history of evolution. After all, creation doesn’t matter as much as truths like Christ’s death and Resurrection . . . does it?[/box]

I highly recommend you read the following link to see just why Genesis matters as a corner stone of the bible:

There are many other good resources that go all the way to explaining this as well on this site and others. People need to stop blindly accepting the evolutionary THEORY as fact. It is a theory and its a theory that scientists cannot duplicate in the lab. After all, isn’t that the true test of a theory, that its reproducible in the lab? We as parents really need to hold our schools and teachers and pastors accountable for what they are teaching to ensure Gods Word is being taught and not just some wishy washy ‘everyone is right’ or ‘nobody really knows’ kinda stuff.

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