Older people are smarter

So I was out clearing snow again last night, snow is still falling. The job done by the snow blower guy, Melvin it was apparently, was enough that I could start using my plough again, at least for the time being. He opened enough area that I can do some pushing around of snow again.

As I was clearing the mouth of the drive I realized, older people were a lot smarter than us. Rather than shifting snow one scoop at a time, they didn’t bother to fight it. They simply saddled up their horses and pulled our their sleighs to slide over the snow.  We certainly do complicate things and fight the weather when the older folk simply worked with it. True, they didn’t have the technology that we have now but do we need all this technology? A lot of things were more simple back then and made much more sense. They had their own time saving devices too. It was a harder life, but then people stayed in shape as well, obesity probably wasn’t an issue, in fact being obese simply meant you were better off to handle the cold weather!

Other simple things like wood shakes, and burning wood just work. Wood is cheap, plentiful and provides, some would argue, better heat and the exercise of it all is healthy for us. Most these days simply sit in chairs all day or do minimal work, certainly most don’t do strenuous, heart rate raising work. The ‘old way’ provided health, was cheap, just worked and invited participation from family members and your neighbours.

In more then one way, it was a better world then, course that does depend on perspective. And by this perspective I realize that our lives currently is a better way then life will be in 30 or 40 years. We’re much closer to the land then they will be, we’re still eating and going back to organic foods, trying to eat locally, we still burn wood and so on.  So I can totally see someone in 2050 saying what a time it must have been to live in 2011.

Which brings me to my conclusion, the world is ‘advancing’, its getting more technological, sophisticated and all that but is it better? A time will come when God restores the planet to the way it was and we’ll live a bit more like Adam and Eve did, in nature, and in harmony with nature 100%. Thats really the time I’m looking forward to!

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