Montreal Morning

Its -7 this morning in Montreal, more accurately, -10 in Deux Montagnes (?). As the laptop warms my legs up, I sip my coffee and check out all the latest news and email and blog posts.

Arden sites waiving one of her dolls upside down in the air and bashing it on the ground, and now by its pony tale.

We’ll have a day to relax today in Montreal or around here, wherever we end up going.  I have my macbook dimmed as much as it will go to extend my battery life. The battery life is not so good on this machine. An hour probably is the most  I get these days. Its almost toast but if i keep exercising it, it keeps providing at least an hour of usage anyways. Can’t wait to get an iPad! Lasts all day. WOOT!

This trip especially would have been great for the iPad. We moved around a LOT and had to get various wifi keys wherever we were, and thats fine, but the places that didn’t have internet, or on the road, a 3g iPad really would have paid off, even with the base usage amount you can get, ie 250 megs.

We visited and are visiting lots of family. It will be nice however to get back home and get the fire going so we’re not burning all that oil!  I do need a splitter asap though and I’ll need to pack in a lot of wood fairly fast. Maybe next weekend I’ll get on that.

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