How to filter your household air

See those commercials or ads for machines that clean out the air in your house? Worried about harmful chemicals and such in your air? I am, apparently many people are judging by the air cleaner category on Canadian Tires website: Canadian Tire air cleaner category

Want to know the secret to getting clean air with zero money? Maybe you don’t care, money is no object. Interested in how God cleans the worlds air?

Plants… thats right, plants… They breath in CO2 and exhale Oxygen. NASA knows this, they did a study to see how well it would work in space. They came up with a list of household type plants that do the best job of cleaning  the air:

[box type=”info”]The first list of air filtering plants was compiled by NASA as part of the NASA Clean Air Study [1] [2] , which researched ways to clean air in space stations. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, as all plants do, these plants also eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene. [/box]

God is pretty smart eh ?!! These things produce oxygen which humans need and take in carbon dioxide which would in quantity kill us, and they also scrub other chemicals and poisons from the air.

Fancy filters worth thousands of dollars? Garbage, go get some plants!

I believe the way it goes is, the larger the leaf surface, or the more you can get, the better as those are the lungs of the plant.

The more we look at the world around us the more we learn, and from that, realize that the world is ALL intelligently designed, designed to work together according to His plan and desire. God is the original genius and you can’t overstate that.

An experiment was run in India and found that having plants lowered building costs, improved productivity, employee health and on and on. The whole story here:

[box type=”info”]How do we know this works? We have tried and tested these plants for 15 years at Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator Park (PBC™ – STIP) in New Delhi, India. It is a 20 year old, 50,000 ft2 building, with over 1,200 plants for 300 building occupants. PBC™ – STIP is rated the healthiest building in Delhi by the Government of India.* Their study found that there is a 42% probability of increasing blood oxygen by 1% if one is inside the building for 10 hours. Also, compared to other buildings in Delhi, the incidence of eye irritation reduced by 52%, lower respiratory symptoms by 34%, headaches by 24%, upper respiratory symptoms by 20%, lung impairment by 10-12% and Asthma by 9%. As a result of fewer sick days — employee productivity also increased. * Study published on September 8, 2008 by The Govt. of India, Central Pollution Control Board and Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata, India We conducted another experiment and sealed all fresh air and exhaust from the building for 6 weeks and found that that the air quality inside the building was better than outdoors. We saved over 15% in energy costs as we did not have to inject 15-20 cfm of fresh air in to the building as suggested by ASHRAE – an industry standard.[/box]

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