Came across an interesting article on the use if iPad in schools, has a video too. All produced by Apple I’m sure but still, you can see the possibilities. I haven’t seen imagination and acceptance of a product since the Wii came out (remember old folks homes with Wii, physiotherapy using Wii, Wii in schools even to help with learning??)

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The state of Georgia is reportedly considering a plan to get rid of conventional textbooks and shift middle school classrooms in the state to wireless iPads built by Apple, following positive iPad trials in place by schools around the US.

“Last week we met with Apple Computers,” Williams said, “and they have a really promising program where they come in and their [sic] recommending to middle schools – for $500 per child per year, they will furnish every child with an iPad, wi-fi the system, provide all the books on the system, all the upgrades, all the teacher training – and the results they’re getting from these kids is phenomenal.”

The senator added, “we’re currently spending about $40 million a year on books. And they last about seven years. We have books that don’t even have 9/11. This is the way kids are learning, and we need to be willing to move in that direction.”

These people can see where textbooks are going. The iPad provides a solid state, long lasting instrument that can house almost an infinite number of text books in different formats. All that one person would ever need anyways.

All tablets could be used here, not just Apple. What Apple does is create a technology that just works, and doesn’t allow too much fiddling which is perfect for schools and kids that would otherwise mess them up, break things, wreck the configuration etc. With the closed OS of the iPad, its perfect for institutions to hand out for regular use. Lotsa great ideas here and I do indeed think this is the future of computing. Fun stuff to watch evolve

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