How to build a tank

I have a super cool idea for building a mini tank. See I need a snowblower. My plow just doesn’t cut it after a while when the snow piles up and there is no place to push it. Great idea but doesn’t work so well without a lot of weight on my tractor to push the snow around with and without a place to push the snow. Our driveway got smaller and smaller every time it snowed. So.. I broke down and decided maybe I need a blower. Never wanted a single use unit like that but it really is a better way to deal with a lot of snow.

But I can’t just get a regular snow blower right! So Lindseys grandpa had  (and has) a tracked snow blower and I thought that was neat but why would I want to walk behind something??

These units use the skid steer technique. ie, to turn, on track rotates and the other doesn’t. I figured, if I can find an older unit, I could weld a seat on top of it and use it like a little bobcat (skid steer), thereby created a ride-on snowblower and what would be basically like a little tank. Who doesn’t want a tank to drive around eh?

So thats my ‘how to build a tank’ blog. Stay tuned for this one! Maybe I’ll get something put together this summer!

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