Well, Lindsey, Arden and I are in Ontario, the center of the universe. Here for my Dads remarriage primarily and for vacation and such secondarily. I’ve been going into the office in Cambridge these last two days, great to see everyone.

Next week I’m off – no work, and we’ll be making the rounds visiting lots of different relatives, staying at lots of different locations and doing lots of driving.

I’m also about to attempt to replace the harddrive on an aluminum iMac – a non user replaceable part which VOIDS … dun dun dun…. the Apple warranty – granted, this iMac has been out of warranty for a year.. but still. By the time all see this, we will have succeeded (hopefully).

UPDATE: Last night we did successfully replace the harddrive in the iMac. It wasn’t too bad at all with the help of some step by step tutorials online. I was amazed with how easy it was actually, all things considered. No plastic tabs here, Apple fastened the mac together with screws and magnets. Thats what I call good quality!

In other news we may in 4 weeks be heading up to the NWT for a couple weeks. So we won’t be home much for the next month or so! World travellers indeed. Cross Canadian travellers anyways.

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