My legs are burning

Sitting here in CVG (Cincinnati International Airport to the laymen), terminal 3, awaiting my international departure to YYZ (Toronto for the laymen)   😀  . Actually, I don’t memorize airport names… saying that makes me feel like a big man though.

My Macbook is on my lap, and the wifi is FREE! Love it. Most airports you have to pay for it. I think its a nice ‘cheap’ addon for airports to provide free wifi! Super handy. Anyways my macbook is hot and its cooking my legs 🙁 Really need to get me a nice cool running iPad for these types of situations. No need to boot them up, they stay cool, instant on, no need to boot up or shutdown, did I mention there is no waiting for it turn on or shutoff when they call for boarding??

It would also be nice if the airport supplied ottomans. And is a lead apron too much to ask for as well to preserve any fertility left in my loins? haha, that came out of nowhere. I laugh at my self, haw, haw haw.. Can you tell I’m bored and have nothing better to do? Yes.

But I digress.

Stomach is turning a bit, it doesn’t like to wake up early let alone eating early or starbucks early. My eyes are heavy. I almost got lost on the way to the airport, even WITH a GPS. I got going down some windy what seems like logging roads along a steep river bank and I thought.. uhoh, maybe I punched in the address for another car rental location at another local airport :s So I punched in CVG and luckily I was in the correct general location and once I got close I recognized the turn off for the Thrifty car rental place – which was closed at the time. Again, luckily, thankfully the shuttle guy was standing there waiting for myself and other flyers and was able to take the rental car keys and GPS that i had to hand in. They open at 4:30, hey wait… I was there at 5:30, they should have been open (just thought of that…) ohwell. I dropped the car off, walked more than a mile in my own shoes along moving sidewalks, carpeted hallways and terminal wings. How come noone offers to drive me to my destination on one of those airport golf carts?? Complimentary Segways, would that be too much to ask for?

Well, I should pay attention now, the plane is docked and boarding might start shortly.

Next time I blog, I’ll probably be in Ontario, either this afternoon or sunday. We’ll see. ttyl

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