Where is Apple going?

I can see the light! Its refracted essence from the big shiny apple anyways.

I think Apple is moving towards 1 OS, solid state and mostly touch enabled products. Here is why.

Touch Enabled Products – turns out they are working on a touchscreen iMac which is their version of a desktop PC, is a mainstay in Apple households, used by family members. These units are all in one, with currently big screen and big harddrives. They have patents for touchscreen iMacs though and likely the same would be applied to any screen they put in any product.  I think they are working towards a touch language which works across all their products. Once you know the swipe combos, you’ll know the Apple input language. Kinda like learning how to type on a QWERTY keyboard. So it makes sense that they move everything to touch screen right so they can get rid of a mouse? Makes sense to me.

Solid state – As indicated by the move in iPods, and Macbook Airs, the move to solid state is a no brainer. Faster access, lower battery consumption, no moving parts. As soon as companies can manufacture harddrives large enough, I think we’ll see the quick end of the spindle / platter based harddrives. Again, no brainer here, and Apple seems to be pushing the macbook air as the standard form factor and hardware match up (yes, not including dvd roms or anything, those are all old school

Cloud based computing – The move to webapps again makes sense in this digitally connected generation. Why have software on your computer tanking space, resource and only being accessible on your computer when you can open a browser ANYWHERE on ANY device and have all your work saved. Remember my post on citrix servers and mainframes?


Cloud based services are where things are going and apple with its ME service and other partners or companies like Google Apps will lead the way here as we get ever more comfortable and willing to do all our document work online, for if nothing else, than to have the accessibility anywhere with our documents

IOS operating system – They made this new light OS just for iPod touchs and iPhones originally. It has not been developed into a stable, robust OS which is scalable (as on iPads with fast processors, more and more RAM) and it has all the features – almost –  of a full OS, multitasking, a file system (though pretty nailed down and compartmentalized right now), network accessibility, and even parental controls. Pretty much all a regular person would look for in an OS is available in IOS. They have just created an App store for Max OSX leopard that looks just like the app store on ipods and iPads – one central location for downloading / purchasing software. Its one whole ecosystem controlled by Apple for the most part. The app store on OSX makes me think they are moving to get OSX customers comfortable with similar interfaces like the app store and using that to install software.

Why would they want to get rid of OSX? Well, I’m not sure its needed any more and currently its a lot more resource intensive then IOS so its not well suited to battery life on macbook pros for example. What a great opportunity to switch to another light OS like IOS as long as customers feel the transition and functionality is similar?

I think they will retire OSX for all but the most hardcore PRO users who are making movies or doing development work on them. I think IOS will become the standard across consumer grade hardware which will all also become solid state. The macbook air is one step away, the iPad is a great example of this. The iPad itself is basically all a person these days would need in a personal computer. It does spreadsheets, word processing, surfs the internet, manages photos, movies, emails. What does a PC or macbook do that the iPad doesn’t right now? Not an awful lot!

To Sum up – and part of this was stated above, I think Apple will migrate all customers onto solid state form factor, fully touch enabled, with an IOS operating system (yes I know the OS stands for operating system already, but to date, IOS has become Apples branded name for it so it seems fitting to append the operating system on the end).

The move to lighter, less power hungry, more efficient and slimmer OS’s is coming me thinks. Keyboard might not totally go away for the foreseeable future but more and more will migrate to iPad like devices for all their computing needs. And I think its great. The iPad is SO functional and versatile for 96..5% of what most people would ever use it for so why not eh!

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