Things I’m looking forward to in 2011

The year before the end of the world year (2012) – according to the Mayans anyways whose great cycle is coming to an end. Here are some things I’m looking forward to:

  • iPad 2 – Yes thats right, did you know I was looking forward to this? 😀 The iPad is the future I think, at least in terms of portability, solid state-ness, and touchscreen access. If you see where they are going with apple laptops – mac book air, and where they are going with app stores, and touch optimized software interfaces (google touch screen on iMac), I think you’ll agree that Apples grand plan is to A) move to touchscreen OS’s B) move all to solid state as fast as SSDs can provide enough space, and C) migrate all hardware to an IOS like operating system which is light, super simple, host to 300k apps and a fresh base to start from. This could be a whole other blog post I suppose
  • Watching Arden – Can’t wait to see her start crawling, walking, talking. This will be an exciting year in our lives because of her. Can’t wait to go to the beach with her, play outside, and watch her learning all kinds of new things.
  • Getting more of the house fixed up – I have a virtual list of things that need to be done. Primarily once the warmer weather comes is to grade our lawn in the back so that the basement doesn’t get water leaking in. Having issues with mold now and its simply because water just funnels into the basement from the back of the house. The repair is quite simple, move a pile of earth over to the side of the house so that the water drains away! We’ve just been so busy with other priorities that I hadn’t gotten to it. Can’t wait for some warm sunny weather to get out and work around the house!
  • Building a wood shelter for next years fuel – One of my bigger outdoor projects is to build a wood shelter of some sort to keep more rain and snow off our lumber AND to get it cut and dried more quickly. This year our wood is just out in the elements soaking wet, covered in snow and such which means its miserable to haul in, dry out and get quality heat from. I plan on building a simple roof structure maybe across the back fence to keep most of the weather off of the wood. I’m also looking forward to summer so that I can determine how much wood we went through. We purchased a total of 9 cords already, and I burned a pile of other junk lumber. I would love to be able to say we only burned 10 cord or so. Not sure how realistic that is though.. We’ll see! Look for a blog post this summer on that 🙂
  • Making some more Movies and maybe a Vlog – Been too busy to make any decent videos. Especially once the iPad comes out, I’d like to do some vlogs and some more general videos on the setup I have here, showing off our wood furnace and the hot water boiler, maybe some of my solar hot air pop can creations (once I make them. Again, something I need to find time to do 😛 ). The great thing about the iPad is that you don’t have to upload the video to a computer, or photos for that matter, you’ll be able to stream video capture right up to youtube or facebook. I think that will revolutionize video taking. Sure, people can do it with ipod touchs and iphones and other smart phones but those devices aren’t good for editing. Now with iPad you can record, edit and post all from one portable device. You’re not lugging a laptop on wireless around and you’re not having to post raw video from an iphone or something. Sure you can edit it there, but its not real easy / nice to do. iPad is the perfect size for that kind of content acquisition and delivery. Another blog post here on my ramblings about iPad though 😛

So there is a short list of things I’m looking forward to in 2011. Its great to have things to look forward too, I kinda always need the ‘next thing’ to look forward to and there is usually no lack of those so that keeps me going!

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