I have an amazing wife! Did you get that from the title?

She makes great and healthy meals for us (Arden and I). I’m so happy she has concern for health and for all the junk ingredients in foods these days and spends the time to make better quality meals!

I also appreciate how well she cares for Arden all day long while I’m at work and most of the night too! She plays with Arden, keeps her well fed, picks her up when she falls, gives her baths regularly and is just generally a loving caring mom. ¬†Arden is going to grow up to be a great person I think (STLT – Should The Lord Tarry).

She also keeps the house clean and organized, pulls out, hangs and puts away all the seasonal decorations.

Lindsey is an amazing wife. You may find all of these things pretty ordinary but I appreciate them! Its easy to take many things in life for granted and a good wife is one of them if you’re not careful.

I love you Lindsey!

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