Prophecy Update January

For those who aren’t following prophecy, I’ll do a little bit of consolidation for you. Here are some prophetic happenings and news for January.

  • Israel finds 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reservese . Whats important about this is that the country of the north will have a hook in their jaw to bring them down to war. Could it be frustration or desperation for oil and energy? This is big news and if Israel is finding large amounts of energy, all the arab countries around will surely be jealous because they currently hold most of the producing oil wells in the world right now.
  • Natural disasters are gearing up: The earth will grown for His coming, His power will be shown through the waves of the sea and the wind and the rain. Storms and disasters are one of the signs of the end times. And certainly 2010 was a BIG year.
  • Israel became a nation in 1948 and captured the key city of Jersalem in 1967 in the six day war (the six day war was a miracle unto itself, read up on it!). Whats the big deal with this? Israel had not been a nation for 2000 years!! No people have ever come back together after 2000 years to create  a nation with their own distinct culture and language ever. This is MASSIVELY HUgE in bible prophecy.

We’ll start there. To prophecy guys, these news items are old hat and there is SO much detail one could go into with references, and how these all fall into place. This also only scratches the surface, you need to listen to the news every night, and think of it through a pair of ‘bible goggles’. You’ll soon see many world events that are shaping up to be fulfullment of bible prophecy if they haven’t already fulfilled it.

Next on the agenda is the rapture, and shortly after would be the 7 year piece treaty.  We don’t know all the timing for sure but also look for Russia to be a loud world leader again – eventually to lead some of the arab nations in war with Israel. Do you know about the power play with Putin and what he did and where he is now? If you don’t, you need to educate yourself on the politics over there. Huge implications.

If you’re not following this, you’re missing out on a pile of hope, and exciting times and the ability to truly look forward to Jesus return.

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  1. In the creation scene, a similar term to “bible goggles” is used: creation goggles, meaning being aware of the news, media and science from a mindset that you begin to see how it actually supports creation. I’d call yours “prophecy goggles” in the same vein. It’s amazing what you start to realize when you sincerely look at things from a different angle.

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