RETRO: Typing Skillz

how many words can you type per minute?

Ever think about your typing skills? Remember back in,… oh, even the 90’s when typing was an elective class in high school, not even required? Back then typing was probably mostly considered a skill for a very specific career, ie, being a secretary or a newspaper columnist or something. It really wasn’t at that time considered a required life skill to be used everyday by EVERYONE.

Funny eh! Fast forward to the year 2011 and kids have grown up with keyboards, monitors, big desktops and now laptops. Soon all kids will know are iPads and touch screen iMacs (yes their coming, Apple has patents out for it already!). With things like motion activated video games (MS Kinect) and touch this and touch that, we’re almost in a post typing era.

For me, its nice to realize that I make an excellent decision when I decided to take the typing class back then even though most considered it a secretary type skill. All that didn’t take it are ‘hunt and peck’ers or are scrambling to increase their proficiency on a keyboard for their work.

Anyways, just one of those little things that I think about, how it evolved, how we use it now, how a decision back than really paid off in career paths and such.

Next I should write about all the dead end streets I went down RE my college days and see if there was anything I got out of them 😀

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