kids are scared of old people

In a perfect world

Yes… yes they are 😛   We had a good sermon last night about the generations coming together, the older folk sharing wisdom with the younger, and mentoring and providing care and support both ways. All kinds of good things can come out of the generations getting together and interacting.

We don’t interact much cross generationally anymore and its caused us to forget history, stories, even names of family members not in our immediate family. Simply because we don’t spend time much together as large extended families like they did before, like they had to before to survive, before the days of nursing homes and retirement condos and facilities.

So why are kids scared of old people? I think, and this would be true for me, we don’t want to talk to old people cause they may be weird for one,  they may be boring, they may criticizes what we’re doing, how we’re living, the shirt we have on… When we go to church they may say we’re being disrespectful wearing a cap, or a shirt with words on it, etc etc. Some or all of that may be true to an extent and much is subjective too, however! And this is totally bad english.

Older folk need to reassure the younger that they can be friendly, have a smile on their face, show care and love unconditionally. There will be lots of time for correction, teaching and such. We just need to start the conversation and putting a kid down is THE. WORST. way to start a conversation. You may think its teaching them respect, or a lesson or something but kids are more self reliant these days, they won’t ‘take it’ (not me anyways) and if they hear something they don’t like, they won’t listen to you. You need a relationship first before they will be willing to listen – same goes for sharing Christ I guess, thats an epiphany.  Kids and adults, don’t go crazy, each has something they can share with the others, don’t try to discipline or suggest things right off the bat if you don’t already have a relationship with them (hm.. and same goes with parents, you need a relationship with your kid before punishing them will prove to be worthwhile, otherwise they’ll just think you’re abusing them or not being good parents or whatever – another epiphany! wow… – sorry, I’m thinking deep thoughts as I type)

This jumble of thoughts summed up is that the generations need to get together and the older generation has to initiate, I think the onus is on them to start that being the more mature, wiser ones and we all need to not judge and just start off with a little caring. The young people really appreciate older folks, to see their faith, their knowledge, the support they can provide (especially these days for kids who have crazy parents – ya thats right, you heard it, there are some bad parents out there!!)

More so now then ever, there is disconnectedness with the generations, within the family, and outside as well, even kids disconnected from their parents and they need support so much, but often older people are the grumpy scary ones telling them all the things they are doing wrong and telling them they can’t wear a T shirt with words on it in church.

Men need to be men, parents need to be PARENTS (hello!) and people of all generations need to care and support each other.

Only in a perfect world eh…

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