7 thoughts on “iPad after 6 months. A great blog post

  1. So far all android tablets are crap compared to the speed and easy of use of the iPad. if a worthy competitor came out, I might look – ie, the BlackBerry Playbook. But the other tablets are too small anyways, the playbook is a 7 inch one I think. Thats too small to do any real work. The ipad is JUST big enough to get some real work done.

    So, as I say, until a tablet comes out that can even come close to iPad and its 300k apps, I’ll stick with Apple.

  2. Apps are no longer an issue on Apple, Blackberry or Apple. Apple has 300k, Android has 150k, BB has 70k or something but the thing is all the most popular and the really useful ones get ported to them all anyway.

    I hear Samsung is bringing out one based on the Galaxy S.

    Should be a good year for tablets.

  3. apps aren’t a huge problem but having twice as many apps as the next guy should helps! And any android tablets so far are lacking in quality compared to apple. And size, I want to see something comparable in size but all the other tablets are going to be 7 inch from what I’ve seen. Which is dumb. If apple is doing so good with a 9.7 inch, don’t the companies realize that maybe thats a good size?? :s They think consumers want a smaller tablet – I think apple showed them that consumers like a 9.7 inch as well!

  4. Ya they all seem to be the handheld size for portability / reading. Maybe they don’t want to compete with the netbook market. I guess price is a factor too.

    PS. You need the Comment Reply Notification plugin to encourage conversation. I think it’s dumb that wordpress expects people to come back to the exact blog article to see if there’s anything new in the discussion.

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