Mom would be proud

Yesterday Β we did a lot of running around. One of the stops was value village, one of my moms favourite places to shop. Β She had given us 2 $10 gift certificates back in 2008. Not sure what for or from, maybe for Christmas or something. Anyways, we had never gotten around to spending them. We’re not as frequent a ‘Value Village’ customer as mom was. So yesterday we were able to make use of them, a final $20 from mom to spend in a second hand store.

Since she would go to them often, we too would often be with her. There was always money to spend at a second hand store. If we wanted something there, she would get it for us, toys, clothes, didn’t matter, its all pretty cheap at a second hand store πŸ˜‰

So yesterday with the certificates she gave us, I got a pair of Crocs (for walking downstairs in to stoke the fire), a new Christmas tree stand (this one is a super sturdy one that holds at least a couple days worth of water!), some CDs, and stationary office shelve thingys. We broke the bank with all that, after the certificates were used, we had to pay a whopping $7. Horrible by second hand standards probably eh πŸ˜€ . Have to wait for the garbage bag sales where you can fill up a garbage bag of anything for $5. They used to do that at the second hand store in Cannington anyways (where my dad is actually still Chair of the board)

I have lots of memories from second hand stores all over, mostly 3 or 4 in Ajax. While mom shopped, we would (my brother and I) sit either beside or ON the toy table goofing around. ‘Crips’ in Ajax always had a good size table of toys all jumbled up to play with – this was downstairs I believe. Then there was the one around the corner from Crips which wasn’t quite as good, and then the Value Village over by the McDonalds (which is, as a side noted, where mom used to buy one burger for all of us and cut it into 4! We were young back then, a quarter of a burger still wasn’t much though but it was basically a snack).

Another favourite was the Frenchys chain of second hand stores here in the maritimes. Mom often visited those, she liked Frenchys especially because she also liked French so a second hand store with ‘French’ in its name was double the fun – I suppose πŸ˜›

So, anytime we go to a second hand store, I’ll think of my mom, and any time I actually shop at one, I’ll be able to hear my mom saying ‘Way to go Micah’

This is all kinda half serious, I don’t hold it up as a super amazing memory, just kinda funny what my mom liked and the places we went.

btw, if you’re worried about germs – like most parents are these days – don’t take your kids to a second hand store πŸ˜‰

On the topic of health and kids, did you know that a Mutt often lives a much longer healthier life than bred dogs (a mutt being a mixed breed dog)? And this is a bit of creation knowledge for you which my Mom would approve of as well. Mixed breed dogs basically have better genes, a deeper gene pool and therefore are susceptible to fewer diseases, health issues, etc and are overall more hardy than bred dogs. So there ya go, this dove tails into the ‘eat some dirt, stay healthier’ mantra I’ve harped about in some posts.

A healthy long life does not necessarily come out of a overly protected clean room environment / sanitized and antibacterial living space or life. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Actually don’t, unlike many other dirty things that are good for you, smoking DOES shorten life span πŸ˜‰

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