Forced Air heating is better because…

We’ve had the opportunity to live in a house with hot water heating. Boilers are dumb. Here are the reasons I like forced air (over boilers or other heating systems)

  • Air circulation
  • Air is drier – which is ideal in a wet climate like the maritimes
  • forced air is healthier – why? Because as children you’re exposed to more germs and airborne stuff, it helps you build immunity to these things. Kids growing up in sanitized environments are so much more susceptible to ANY foreign thing once they are outside of their sanitized environment (a mouth full of dirt goes a long way to keeping your kids healthy!)
  • You can feel the heat from hot air when its on, hot water is a lot more subtle.
  • Boilers creak and crack and pop, force air just sounds like a hum
  • Forced air is a super simple delivery method, no moving parts other then a basic fan, easy to maintain. Boilers for example have a whole system that needs to be plumbed, maintained, checked for leaks, bled, etc. A whole host of tasks are required if anything goes wrong with boilers. Cost of maintenance is way down methinks with standard old forced air
  • Installation and maintenance of the furnace itself if forced air is automatically easier as you don’t need to worry about a whole system of water
  • Forced air tin pipes last basically forever
  • forced air dries clothes better saving drier use (electricity or propane or whatever your drier users)
  • Adding vents to forced air only requires some tin pipe and metal snips (no soldering required)
  • Forced air cleans your air for you – as cold air goes into the cold air return vent, its forced through a filter thereby cleaning your air for you, when you have a boiler, your air isn’t filtered, which then requires air circulators found in many homes with hot water heat
  • Domestic hot water is separate from your furnace with forced air (usually), which lowers maintenance cost and down time when something with either goes wrong. If your domestic hot water system has trouble, its a system unto itself and can be worked on while keep your house heat on
  • A down fall of hot water boilers is that when you take a shower, the system has to heat up more water for the shower AND to keep the house warm so it performs double duty which then it seems causes a longer period to recuperate  – from my experience anyways

SO many ways that forced air is better then boilers, or infloor heat in my opinion. You may have a different experiece but for DIYers, nothing is more simple and time proven than forced air heating.

I can’t think of any good reasons to get a hot water boiler. Also, if the house isn’t fitted with it already its  a LOT of work to get it installed too. Same with in floor boiler heat.

There ya go, thats what I think about it 😉

I could get int o a rant about heating fuels now (wood, electricity, oil, propane, etc, but I’ll leave that for another blog!)

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