Its Christmas Time

Its Christmas!  This is probably the happiest time of the year for me. Is for most I suppose. Why is it the happiest, probably on the surface, its time for family, and LOTS of presents, Christmas trees, and generally an all around good time. Its a holiday like no other, it lasts much longer then a meal like thanksgiving –  maybe because is combined with new years a bit. Its also the end of a year, big changes, exciting possibilities and new adventures for the year to come.

As for the years past, the year 2000 seems like SO long ago now, I don’t even know how we got to the year 2010 let alone 2011. Time flies. I’m hoping it will slow down again now that we’re for the most part settled with a church, a house, a town and a new daughter.

Another odd thing is that I’m glad we’re in a house that we can keep warm!  In Kensington it was SO expensive to heat that we had the temp as low as possible all the time and somehow we were still spending $500 a month for heat!

Very thankful for all the blessings in our lives from the Lord and we’re excited about a year of big things. Ardens first full year, our first full year and full summer in Wheatley River and other exciting things.

Anyways, I could blather on forever. Just thankful for family and for the Lord being with us through ALL things!

For us, it marks the end of a momentous year, family members passing away and new members joining. Also a change of location for us to PEI, and purchasing our first house.  Many things have changed, mostly for the good, our lives are being shaped even further, history is being made every day, life goes on, we’re all aging, the world changes, leaders rise and fall, seasons come and go. So many things in life to reflect on

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