Websites, Receipts and Family Photos

So thanks to SEX being in the banner of my blog, I got double the hits almost 😀  Love it, thanks guys 🙂 I’ll admit, sex gets my attention in blog posts too! Noone donated to my iPad fund though… whats  up with that? 😀 jkg!

To raise funds I’ve put a pile of things on You can check out my for sale list here:

Receipts: With SO many purchases over the last couple months for renovation stuff, bits and pieces, odds and ends, we’ve piled up tons of receipts. Home Depot, Canadian Tire, even Future Shop. All have sweepstakes you can enter by going to their respective websites, filling in a code from the receipt, answering a pile of questions. The prizes range from instant iPod wins, to $500 or $1000 gift cards to the stores. Unfortunately we haven’t won anything yet. I’m wondering how many others spend the time to enter them? A lot? Few? Would be super nice to win a $500 or $1000 gift card to one of these places!!

Anybody else complete these religiously in hopes of winning? Kinda like gambling eh?

Today: Today is packed full, luckily I’m off work 😀 Woot! We seem to be very busy, spent all night last night cleaning the house, granted, it really needed it. Boxes everywhere, garbage, dust, tools strewn about, general untidiness.  We have the tiling guy here to finish the bathtub, last thing on that list is the molding to be put back in place. Ok, not the LAST thing, I still need to install the fan but thats another project for another day that isn’t real critical right now.

At lunch we have family pictures to be taken by some professionals, relatives of Carrie Singh (brother, sister, cousin… I forget??). Should be good. Pro photographers definitely have a eye for good photos. Thats something which is less learned and more just natural skill and creativeness I think. They portray the idea these days that you can do anything you set your mind to.. but for a lot of things, you need to have the inclination, the passion, the creativity to really excel at whatever you’re doing so not everyone is cut out for it. Case in point, I have an expensive DSLR camera, I have no excuses when it comes to camera quality to take incredible picture. It comes down to the person taking the pictures though to frame it, to judge the light, the angle, to add style to the picture, to get JUST the right one. Kudos to those who are well skilled with cameras. I do my best but I recognize those who are natural at it!

Tonight: Well we did have a pastoral staff Christmas party but that was canceled, so likely we’ll clean a bit more, put more of the house back together, maybe haul some lumber and do some work downstairs. Maybe I’ll put my office together a bit more, or hey, maybe make a couple more movies??

I did have some grand ideas for blogging today but forgot them all when the tiler knocked on the door :/ Ahwell, another post for another day.

And another day in the life of the Gallants!

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