Finally cold again! and SEX

Nice that the weather has cooled down again, we can finally use our wood furnace properly. Hate seeing it there twiddling its thumbs (logs) waiting for the thermostat to let it breath a bit. Also like having it roaring cause it creates lots of ‘free’ hot water for us which is really nice. Ensures the oil bill is low!

Now about SEX… funny how sex gets attention eh, ok, well not funny so much as just the plain truth, especially for guys. With Carrie Singh  ( writing about the marriage bed and sex and all that, it gets lots of interest and hits. Hey, it works. Too bad I can’t talk about sex, I’d probably be considered a perv to blog about it 😀 Not that I want to write lots of blogs on SEX (hopefully google is spidering this and notices all the instances of the word SEX).

Guys love sex and will basically click on anything that has ‘sex’ in the title if they can get away with it, and even more so when its considered something high and worthy like a blog by a pastor about sex in marriage – just adds that credibility and if anyone asks, hey, its a theological discussion!

Haha, joking aside, and all of that is no less true, it is nice to have Christians talk about sex and be open at least in the forum of blogging so that its out there, we can talk about it, and we can connect with others who have similar experiences, thoughts, ideals etc about it. And through it, be more aware and hopefully weave that into our marriages, talk about it more and again that ‘hopefully’ it will lead to a more fulfilling marriage and a healthier sexual awareness and existence.

Also, probably best that a female pastor write it as a guy writing it might be considered just for guys to read or pervy.

Sex is a titillating subject (see what I did there with my choice of words, huh.. huh, eh?? wink wink) indeed and a healthy sex life within marriage is KEY (for the guy at the very least) to feel satisfied in a marriage. If any guy disagrees, do let me know 😉

For the ladies, its really important to know how much your husband needs sex (and thats ‘straight up’ as Pastor James Macdonald would say). I’ll leave it at that and let Carrie do the rest of the talking.

Do check out Carries blog!

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  2. HA, Thanks for the plug Micah… I was a little surprised to see SEX in your title. Not you’re usual posting. 🙂 But I appreciate the mention.

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