11 Degrees today and Random

Its a warm windy day to day, 7 degrees out right now, supposedly a high of 11. We’ll see. I was thinking it was going to be a good time to ‘catch up’ on outdoor stuff,… but… well really not, I don’t have much to catch up on. Ok, there are tons of things I *could* do outside but really, I think I’ll leave them until the light and warmth of summer to do. I was probably thinking of hauling more wood but… I’ve run out of room to store it. I need to make more space in our basement for that. Thats really my next project.

Got my hybrid harddrive in now, seems snappy on boot up, we’ll see how it handles lots of multitasking and virtualization this week. It wasn’t running iMovie well for some reason – maybe I needed a reboot to clear out the memory. Ohwell! Hopefully its not worse than it was. And hopefully it lasts more then a year 😛 Last one has been sent in for RMA. Suppose I’ll sell that one on USEDPEI. Or, I could keep it as a backup drive, thats possible too. I had no particular issues with the speed of it. My problem was running an XP virtual machine and listening to podcasts, video and audio which stream off the drive, they were getting choppy as XP was putting  a lot of load on the drive too – I think thats what killed it in the end. Still, 1 year, or less actually for a drive, thats no good! Thankfully I’m now setup with my mirrored backup drive (NetGear Stora).

In other news, I’ll be making some movies, haven’t done this in a while. Gonna start with a 2010 video round up, lots of vides and a big year. My mom died, our daughter was born, we purchased our first house, lots of big things! So stay tuned for that.

Got to do even MORE winterization on the house, more weather seals for the front door to attempt to stop the flow of cold air there. Hard to close the door now, may need to re-jig that in the summer once we start  using that door again. The innovative things for winterization you can buy now is great, all sorts of nifty draft stopping things to get, expanding foams, tapes, plastics, door sweeps and seals.  In theory, I should only have to do this once so I’m crossing my fingers it will help a lot. Its windy today too, so thats a test, even when its +7 degress out, if its windy, its chilly in the house. Still lots of drafts, most now are in the floors and walls that I can’t get too – cause of the shingle siding.

Was talking to a friend at church who got me thinking about my solar hot air furnaces again (pop / beer cans). Hopefully in the summer I can start work on that, that will save lots of heating costs. Apparently 2 4×8 units of those can heat a 1000 SQFT house – assuming the sun is out 😉  So lots of potential there. Often it will be sunny in the morning even if its cloudy during the day so that will be great.

Ok thats all for now. Might have more tonight..

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