I see the advantage with IMAP (and cloud computing now)

Lost my 500gig macbook drive, headcrash 🙁 I ordered another right away from tigerdirect. Its a hybrid SSD/platter drive:

Seagate Hybrid 500gig drive with 4gig SSD for performance

It has a 4gig SSD and does apparently ‘smart’ swapping where most used data is put on the SSD chips for fast access.

Anywho, my drive crashed, and the new one won’t be here until… today sometime so I had a couple of days where I had to installed an old 250 gig drive. Now I couldn’t restore all my data onto this drive so with Time Machine, if you can’t restore it all, you can’t restore ANYTHING!

so, I pulled up an old virtual machine for work manually – we had recently switched to IMAP at work, so I turned on an old data file for outlook and it did its syncing thing and it looked no different than before my drive crashed – love it! No email loss or catching up.

Then for personal use,  I’m just running on a fresh install of OSX Leopard. Since I can’t restore everything, I decided not to bother trying to restore anything. What about mail.app you say? Surely I would need to get all my email back even if its only for a few days. Uh huh, this is where my recent switch to IMAP on gmail comes in. I just started using webbased mail for gmail until I get my main system back up and as soon as I reconnect mail.app, it’ll sync to all the stuff I’ve been emailing the last couple days! Suhweeet. Now this is good use of cloud computing.

Can’t say I’m hooked yet, cause there are other ways to do something similar to IMAP, good for now though.

For the more general subject of cloud computing, well I don’t like it and I’ve stated it before as a general rule. I found a way around it though, cloud computing but still having control of my stuff. How you say?

Via my Netgear Stora dual bay, RAID1 NAS. Its network connected and a handy netgear site allows me to login to my ‘Stora’ from anywhere on the Internet (mystora.com). So now, I have access to all my data, from anywhere – as long as the Internet at home doesn’t go down – and I control the hardware and all…. ok, sure, Netgear now has my username and password to my data :/ Not sure I can get around big corporations having all my passwords… I’d have to run a whole set of servers here to get around that and even still, people would have some sort of access, IPs, usernames for ISPs etc. My consolation is that I have the hardware in house, I can unplug it from the internet at any time, and it just works.

Also, you can use this unit to steam media – like slingbox or others – to iphones, ipod touchs, other computers etc over the Internet, 1000 kms from home, anywhere the Internet is accessible. very cool! Dropbox for my gen 2 ipad? I think not, my stora will provide all my data warehousing needs!

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  1. There’s no substitute for a backup. Nobody realizes it until they get into your exact situation. Remotely hosted stuff is an option but backing up your stuff yourself is the best as you are in control. Just need an easy, automated way to to dit.

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