The Downfall of MyYahoo

I’ve had my address for a long time ( Many years anyways, it was my backoffice for email while I switched domains, pointed my domain to it etc, it has been my homepage for years displaying RSS feeds, hockey stats, local weather and lots of different prophecy news, cnn, cbc,  and of course my email quick check thingy.

Sadly though, it looks to be the end of an era. Why? Well the tipping point was this morning my POP3 stopped working. Which I’ll explain in a bit.

Here are some of the frustrations of late with myyahoo:

  • RSS feeds not pulling the latest post, for Lindseys, the latest one it would see was from 3 months ago, it all the sudden stopped updating with the latest posts. When your RSS feed stops feeding.. well thats when its time to get a new RSS reader 😉 Welcome… Strike 1
  • Mail check has been acting goofy, and does not integrate well with my work email now so I can get email headers, I can’t use the widget to give me a quick heads up with whats going on… No idea why it doesn’t work, I just haven’t been able to fix it.  Strike 2
  • oh and I stopped using its calendar function long ago when ical proved to be more convenient for me.
  • ditto on addressbook for mac (not that I”m real organized with contacts though)

Strike 3 as suggested was pop access. Originally yahoo allowed free pop3 access. Now its a ‘plus’ member item but cause I had mine for so long, for years I was grandfathered in.  I guess that has finally expired, though they haven’t told me and I still have the option in my ‘basic’ yahoo mail account, it simply doesn’t work anymore. If I can’t pop it, whats the point? And I won’t be paying for pop access. Thats stupid. Gmail has it for free…  SO, I’m getting away from free webmail, and I’ll start relying on my webhost as a backend for mail to which is what I should have been doing all along. Whats the point of a brand if you don’t use it right?

So, going forward, all email should be sent to (technically gets to me being that its a catchall). Yahoo mail will still get through but I won’t be using it primarily, and the reply to will now just be

Along with this, I now don’t have much connection or need with homepage. So what should I set my browser to load by default now?? I feel like I’m lost, losing an old friend, poor yahoo.

Any suggestions for good homepages out there?

RIP myyahoo, you tried hard to be useful and get yourself up to date but breaking things that were working just doesn’t do for us fickle techno geeks!

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7 thoughts on “The Downfall of MyYahoo

  1. I never used the MyYahoo option but use my iGoogle home page everyday. Like your Yahoo page I have it loaded up with news feeds, blog feeds, and email. I’ve never had a problem with it, you should try it. Plus Gmail has POP, IMAP, and mail forwarding…

  2. I’ve purchased the $200 ten year package. I swear it has everything you could ever want. Anyone who wants to take control of their own internet life should get that.

  3. I’d look into other hosting if I had any real issues with Godaddy. I’ve never had a problem though, their service is pretty decent. I don’t mind paying good money for it as long as their up. When my sites go down, customers complain hardcore! (and they haven’t since I started on Godaddy I don’t think)

  4. You should honestly get off Godaddy before they screw you over. Just google for “godaddy sucks” and read the horror stories. Of course, when you do go to move you’re screwed over. They try anything and everything to prevent you from leaving by policies, clauses, etc. My limited experience with them was horrible. Sooner or later they’ll screw you over. They’re not a reputable company at all.

  5. I’ve seen those kinda sites. I’ve never had a problem and I don’t plan on leaving them any time so that shouldn’t be a problem for me 😉 So far its been hassle free service I’ve received and when I have called for support, which has probably been like 5 times, they we’re pretty knowledgable and helpful. Why did you bother moving from them?

  6. They’re a horrible company with horrible principles. I never wanted to be on their services to begin with but had to because I bought a domain that transferred to a godaddy account.

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