Moving domains is always fun. I initiated the transfer of to my new hosting servers today.  Hopefully all will go smoothly. Then I realized I couldn’t POP my yahoo account anymore :/ They’ve wanted people to pay for a ‘plus’ account to have access to POP but I was grandfathered in. Apparently they’ve turned me off on that 🙁 SO… today I start the switch off of my yahoo address, it will still work, but it will starting pointing to my normal domain email address, namely: . Easy enough right?

So thats the fun I had this morning.

Whats the moral of the story or the point to the blog? Oh, nothin really. If this is the worst things I have to deal with today, then I am truly fortunate!

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2 thoughts on “Moving Domains

  1. I host all my websites on I don’t like their marketing but their options are good, and prices are reasonable. I don’t go for cheap webhosts, I want to pay good money for one that will be there a long time and have excellent up time. I have paying clients so I’d rather not deal with the headaches of poor service 😉

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