Where is the Wii?

My Wii hasn’t been on for longer than 10 minutes in months. whats going on with Nintendo? 007 is the biggest thing coming down the pipe right now. Nothing interests me these day, granted I am busy with house things but still, where are the software updates and feature additions to the weather channel, and other things?

Seems like a real shame, but Nintendo is rolling in dough so I guess they don’t have any reason to be doing anything super exciting with the Wii. Granted, the 3DS just came out, thats where a lot of the attention is right now.  I assume too that they are working on Wii II. Or WiiHD.

Can’t wait to see what comes next, but for now, I just wish I had a compelling excuse to pick up the Wii. Maybe I’m just getting old and it doesn’t interest me anymore?

Hm… maybe I’ll fire it up now and see whats happening….

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3 thoughts on “Where is the Wii?

  1. hey, maybe I should ask for that for Christmas! too bad there isn’t much fun for multiplayer. there needs to be a gaming hub so you know who is online to play with. The whole lack of that just stifles any will I have to play games online since you have to set it up by phone or through email and schedule it and junk 🙁

    It sucks.

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